What to Wear in the Arctic

what clothes to wear in Arctic and Antarctica

In order for your stay in the Norwegian Lapland area to be as comfortable as possible, it is important to know what clothes to wear in the Arctic. Bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes. Layer your clothing so that you can easily regulate your temperature by removing or adding a layer.

what to wear in the ArcticThe first layer next to your skin should be long-sleeved and long-leg thermal underwear and socks (100% wool – but this can itch – or similar synthetic quality clothing).

The second layer should consist of a long-sleeved shirt or jumper and a pair of cotton or fleece leggings or trousers.

The third layer should be a thick jumper (wool or fleece), a pair of lined trousers (preferably windproof and waterproof) and a pair of thick woollen socks.

For your final layer add a warm winter jacket, hat, gloves or mittens and a strong pair of winter shoes or boots. Ice-grippers to put over your shoes/boots when outdoors would also be useful. If you are going out to hunt and try to photograph the Northern Lights, light-weight gloves are useful, as is a balaclava or scarf to partially cover your face.


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Image credit: Magne Ove Furuseth, Visit Geilo

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