Why Take an Escorted Tour?

For some, the idea of taking a holiday with a group of strangers or a pre-set itinerary is their idea of hell on earth. But for others, it can be the answer to their prayers, permitting them to see parts of the world they would never venture near on their own. The top 5 reasons to travel on an escorted group tour include …

You’re Travelling Alone

For some people the joy of travelling solo is pitching up in a foreign country with little or no advance planning and seeing what happens and who you meet along the way. For others, “travelling on my own” may fine during the day, but they are nervous about spending the evenings solo. For those types, travelling with a group of like-minded people is the ideal solution. Groups are frequently small enough to get to know most of your fellow travellers, but large enough to avoid getting stuck with the same people all the time. Special interest groups make for a great holiday as you all have something in common right from the start.

You haven’t travelled much (or ever) before

If you are an inexperienced or novice traveller, going on holiday with a group in a new country can offer an extra level of security, plus you have the expertise of a guide to help you with getting around. There’s also the benefit of knowing that should you fall ill or get lost, there’s someone in charge who is going to notice and look out for you. Also, tour guides speak the local language and can help interpret any questions you may have, be they about something practical or cultural.

You Get Better Value

Travelling with a group can mean you get to explore parts of the world that would just be out of your budget if you were to arrange the tour by yourself. Group tour operators know their suppliers and because they represent a regular and important source of income for them, the operators get excellent rates which are then passed on to you. If you are travelling alone some tours can arrange for you to share hotel rooms with others in the group so you can avoid any single supplements.

You don’t have much holiday time

You might only have a limited time to spend on holiday but want to see as much as possible. Taking an organised escorted tour, with all transport already pre-arranged, can be very time saving. The tour Itineraries have been developed by the experts to help you maximize your time and take in the very best sights and attractions. Expert tour guides know the destinations because they’ve been there before and can give you tips on things to do and places to go that independent travellers may never discover.

You’re too busy or just aren’t the ‘organised’ type

Many people don’t want to deal with everything that goes into in planning a trip, either in advance or when they arrive. Others just don’t have the time to take out of their busy lives to organise. Knowing that all the flights, transfers, hotels, restaurants, tours and sightseeing are all planned in advance (and someone else is responsible if anything has to be changed during the trip) takes all the stress out of travel and makes an escorted tour a very attractive option. And because everything has already been planned and taken care of, you’ll have more time to sit back and enjoy your holiday.

You can’t travel there except with a group

Some destinations are only accessible on an escorted tour. Project Travel offers a range of Hurtigruten specialist voyages to Antarctica, Svalbard and even Norway. While you fly out on your own, once you get on board the Expedition Teams are, in effect, your local tour guides. Not only do they accompany you on the daily landings and tours, but they also provide on-board lectures about the local wildlife, geography and cultures encountered along the route. Russia is another destination best experienced on an official group tour, even for those who only want to take in the cultural highlights of St Petersburg.

Project Travel offers a range of escorted tours to the Scandinavian capitals, Norway and the Baltic in Summer 2017. Depending on the itinerary you chose, they are a fantastic way to see the best of Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), St Petersburg (Russia), Oslo, Bergen and the fjords (Norway). All tours are guaranteed departure and are accompanied by an English speaking guide throughout. Check out the options, then give us a call on 01 – 2108391 to book. Don’t delay – these are popular tours and book up fast!

Image credit: Gian-Rico Willy /_Hurtigruten

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