If you’re staying a couple of days or more in Oslo or Bergen and intend to experience some of the great museums, attractions and tours, we recommend the Oslo Pass and/or Bergen Card. These discount cards allow you to avail of free city transport and discounts and can really save you money.

Both cards are available for 24, 48 or 72 hours and are activated from the first time you use them. They may be purchased in advance by customers of Project Travel, or on arrival in Oslo or Bergen Airports or through a variety of retail outlets in both cities. To get the best value from them, make sure to ask if the card is accepted before you make any purchases anywhere, be it an entry fee, guided tour, café, shop or restaurant.

The Oslo Pass

The Oslo Pass gives you free entry to most (30) of the city’s museums and attractions. It also gives you unlimited free travel by bus, tram, underground, boat and local train with Ruter AS and Vy (Norwegian State Railways), within zones 1 and 2. It can be used on the boats to Bygdøy (ferry to the Bygdøy museums), to the islands in the Oslo Fjord, or to Asker and Nesodden. There are some limitations, for example it is not available for use when going to/coming from Oslo Airport as this is located outside the permitted zones. Check out the transport options available with the Oslo Pass.

The card gives you free walking tours, discounts on sightseeing, Tusenfryd Amusement Park, concert tickets, climbing, ski rental, and special offers in restaurants, shops, entertainment and leisure venues, including outdoor swimming pools. Read details of where the Oslo Pass card may be used.

Prices for the Oslo Pass vary depending on the age of the person and the duration of the card. As a guide, the price for an adult 24-hour card in 2019 is €49. Check out the full price list from Project Travel.

Oslo – Transport Only Ticket

If you don’t think the Oslo Pass is going to be of use, but still plan on travelling around the city, you can opt to purchase a multi-use transport ticket. Choose from a 1 hour single use ticket, a 24 hour multi-use ticket or a 7 day multi-use ticket. You can use the same tickets on all public transport in Oslo: bus, tram, metro, train and ferry (not the Bygdøy ferry). You can purchase these at the Tourist Information Office at the Central Train Station or at any of the following shops: Narvesen, Deli de Luca and 7-Eleven or ask at your hotel. (Prices as at April 2019: 1 hr single use ticket = NOK 36, 24 hr multi-use ticket = NOK 108, 7 day multi-use ticket = NOK 335). The easiest way to buy a ticket is with the Ruter’s Mobile Ticket App.

The Bergen Card

With the Bergen Card you get free entry or discounted admission to museums and attractions, events and sightseeing tours.  You also travel for free on buses and the Bergen Light Railway in Bergen and the region. If you are arriving to Bergen by air, you can use the Bergen Card to travel for free with Bergen Light Rail from Bergen Airport to the city centre. (Total journey time is approximately 50 minutes). But please note that the card is not valid on NSB trains. You also get great discounts on restaurants and parking.

Remember to show the card whenever you enter a museum, attraction, entertainment or event. With the Bergen Card you enter loads of sights and museums for free, and some offer up to 50% discount. You will soon see that what you pay for the card is more than worth every penny. Even shopping, car rentals, restaurants and cafés offer great discounts – see full details of the benefits here.

Prices for the Bergen Card vary depending on the age of the person and the duration of the card. As a guide, the price for an adult 24-hour card in 2019 is €31. Check out the full price list from Project Travel.

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