Northern Lights Holidays in Norway 2018

For the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights you need to be above the Arctic Circle between October and early April. You also need to be under the Northern Lights Oval, the ring that circles the Magnetic North Pole. They tend to show best between 8pm and 2am.

Northern Norway is one of the only easily accessible and habitable Northern Lights locations in the world situated under the Aural Oval. Despite scientists’ best efforts, no correlation has been found between the 11 year solar cycle and observations of the Northern Lights within the Oval. The Oval extends further south during the peak solar cycle, allowing the Lights to be seen in more areas, but the solar cycle itself does not increase the frequency or intensity of showings.


Northern Lights Lodges

Stay in a comfortable, remote, rural Northern Lights lodge, in a luxury island guest house or a waterfront Resort.

Northern Lights Cruises

Northern Lights cruises in Norway can be as short as 3 days or you can do the full Round Trip coastal voyage in 12 days.

Astronomy Holidays

Special Astronomy holidays to see the Northern Lights in Norway on a Hurtigruten voyage with special lectures.

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