Greenland and Iceland Explorer Cruise Voyages

Greenland is a land of contrasts and truly a world of its own. Colossal icebergs in fantastic shapes calve into the sea and you’ll also see the inland ice – a sheet of ice that is kilometres thick. But the ice is not the full story. Greenland is also about green mountains, exploring long fjords, hiking lush meadows, seeing precipitous cliffs, hot springs, beautiful wild flowers and fresh air. Animals like whales, seals, reindeer, musk oxen and polar bears also thrive here. Witness the exceptional interaction between man and nature, and discover how life in small, isolated communities is reflected in the language, music, myth, clothing and food. Only accessible by ship, the small settlements give you a genuine insight to Greenlandic life.

The majority of Greenland lies above the Arctic Circle and therefore benefits from the Midnight Sun during the summer. This means 24 hours of sunlight to experience this unique landscape from the end of May to the end of July. Although Greenland has an Arctic climate (which means the average temperature never exceeds 10°C in any month), the brief summers are relatively mild particularly in areas sheltered from wind. Inside the fjords the temperatures can reach up to 20°C. Itineraries are offered during our Summer months but as there are only a limited number of passengers on each voyage they tend to book out up to a year in advance.

Several Greenland cruise itineraries also include visits to various ports of call in Iceland, while one focuses exclusively on this mystical neighbouring island. Others combine Greenland with Newfoundland or the North West Passage.

Iceland is the land of ice and fire, with glaciers and volcanoes side by side. The unspoiled nature offers stunning landscapes, geysers and impressive waterfalls. You will see a variety of islands, towns and settlements, spectacular views and interesting sites, always accompanied by Hurtigruten’s knowledgeable Expedition Team. Enjoy hikes through lava fields, breathe the fresh Icelandic air, swim in natural hot spas, visit one of the many museums or simply walk around on your own and chat with the locals.

holiday in Greenland by shipHurtigruten’s relationships with local partners guarantees you one of the most insightful experiences possible. The landings take you close to Greenland’s fascinating culture and history, to the settlements, sights and places of genuine historical interest. Through generations the Inuits have formed their own distinctive way of life. Arts & crafts, traditional drum dance, kayak performances and colourful national costumes are all cultural expressions that are very much alive today.

Journeying aboard Hurtigruten’s superbly equipped MS Fram or the newest ship in the fleet, the hybrid powered MS Roald Amundsen, you explore the dramatic Arctic coastline. You will visit traditional coastal communities like Sisimiut and Qaanaaq. You will sail under the Midnight Sun through the spectacular waters of Disko Bay. This is where you see gigantic sculptures of ice and snow. You will discover abandoned whaling stations and ancient Inuit burial grounds. With on board lectures and an opportunity to explore the island’s remarkable landscapes on foot, by boat and even helicopter, these exhilarating voyages offer the chance for true adventure and exploration.

Find out more about life on board and itineraries on offer in Greenland and Iceland in 2020 / 2021 by viewing the online brochures below (NB: prices in sterling and for voyage only). Then give Project Travel a call on 01 – 210 8391. We will check for any special offers on or near your travel dates to give you the best value. We will price the entire package for you in Euro to include flights and any hotel nights required before and/or after the voyage. What’s more, we can usually offer better prices than Hurtigruten for travel from Ireland.

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Image credits: Birgit Ohlin, Hurtigruten, Project Travel

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