Fly-Drive Holidays in Norway

fly driving holidays in Norway

The most popular Fly Drive holidays in Norway itineraries we tailor make are based in the beautiful fjord region in the south west of Norway. But there are plenty of other amazing areas to explore such as Tromso in the north, above the Arctic Circle, just waiting to be explored.

Project Travel can create a customised self driving holiday package based on your preferences. We’ll research the best routes, places of interest to visit along the way, hotels to overnight and dine at, and include all details such as ferry crossings along the way.

Please contact us or call 01 – 210 8391 to discuss your requirements and travel dates, and we’d be delighted to put together an itinerary for you.

In Norway, drivers tend to be courteous and considerate. You won’t find much in the way of straight stretches so speeding is not really an option. Be aware! Norwegians like their radar traps and the fines are immediate! Likewise, they have zero tolerance for drink driving – it’s an automatic month in prison (to say nothing of the fine) if caught.

Everywhere is well signposted. The main routes are well maintained but rarely feature hard shoulders. The smaller roads are generally in good condition. In the fjord region you will come across roads which narrow to a single lane. The vehicle going downhill has priority. The one coming up must reverse to one of the frequent passing spaces. You will also find plenty of tunnels, some of which are tolled (approx €2-€4 per car). Full details of tolls, routes and rules of the road for driving in Norway may be found on

If these kind of driving conditions are not for you, it is just as easy to explore Norway using public transport and day tours. Check out Project Travel’s self-guided, independent travel packages.

Image credit: CH, Visit Norway

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