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Flights to Hawaii

There is no direct flight to Hawaii from Ireland but many airlines offer air travel to Hawaii via various US destinations. It takes about 6 hours to fly from west coast America to the Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

It can be a false economy to book online for cheap flights from Ireland to a mainland American city and travel to Hawaii on a separate air ticket. If you miss your connection for any reason you could end up having to buy another flight.

When you are travelling half way around the world you are much better off to buy your air ticket from a bonded and licenced Irish travel agent. And when you are going somewhere as special as Hawaii, whether for a winter sun holiday, summer family holiday or honeymoon, you really should enjoy the peace of mind that comes with booking with the specialists, Aloha Holidays.

Before booking you should consider the following:

•  Do you want to take the shortest number of flights?
•  Do you want the cheapest flights to Hawaii?
•  Do you require Business Class (a popular honeymoon option)?
•  Do you want to include a stop over in a mainland US city (i.e. Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New    York, Boston,  Chicago) either on the way out or the way back? Stopping for even one night at an airport hotel    can help with jet lag but does add to the cost.
•  Do you collect air miles with a particular airline?
•  Do you want to avoid or include a particular transfer airport? (i.e. London, Amsterdam, etc)
•  Do you have any flexibility on your travel dates in order to avail of the best value flights?

Important Notes about Airfares and Passports

We do as much as we can for all our clients, but Aloha Holidays is not responsible for airlines changing or cancelling their fares and schedules without notice. In order to guarantee your fare the ticket must be paid for and issued the same day the reservation is made.

All passengers travelling to the USA must have a machine readable passport valid for 6 months after the date of return travel. All children traveling to the US must have their own passport. All passengers must obtain ESTA US Visa Waiver pre-authorisation prior to travel.

Airline tickets must be issued in EXACTLY the same name as appears on the passport. Please check carefully you have given Aloha Holidays the correct names/spelling of all passengers before the tickets are issued as making a later change will incur a charge.

It is compulsory for all passengers travelling to the US under the Visa Waiver Programme to apply online for authorisation on-line prior to travel. IMPORTANT: If you do not get prior authorisation you will be denied boarding!

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